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Freakshow Fabrication

The Butta Clutch

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 Introducing the “BUTTA Clutch” this is for all you jockey/tank shift guys rocking or wanting to run a tin primary. This is by far the sweetest, smoothest, and quality pedal set up you can find.

Each kit is hand machined and fabricated in the USA. All the levers, and linkages made from hand polished stainless steel, the pivot plate is machined from 1/4” aluminum with oil impregnated bronze bushings for smooth effortless action and polished for class. Foot peg backing plate is designed fo a folding Anderson or solid mount style pegs.

The kit comes with lever, pivot plate, clutch rod, inner peg support plate, ALL the heardwear, a 1/4-20 tap and drill bit, and super detailed instructions. 

* light modification is required to the primary covers and clutch arm . Primary covers and peg assembly are not included.

*these are hand made to order please allow 1-2 weeks lead time before shipping