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Freakshow Fabrication

Dual Headlight Assembly for 1936-1948 H-D Springers

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This assembly features a completely Tig welded bracket, fabricated from beefy stainless steel and threaded to 3/8-16. It is available in raw stainless or polished to a mirror finish. The kit also includes 2 chrome hella style lights with glass lenses for slim and sexy look.
This design is extremely stout and eliminates the annoying “headlight bounce” , it also allows you to aim the headlight up or down to get it at the correct angle for your machine. 

*on the odd occasion bracket may be a little tight and need to be shaved a hair on either side where the mounting bolts go on some original  H-D springers to fit between the lugs as they are not machined the same or have hefty chrome build up.

All parts are hand made so please allow up to 4-6 weeks for shipping.

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