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Freakshow Fabrication

Mystic Wizard Kit for British AMAL Carbs

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This kit is designed for British Amal CONCENTRIC 930, 928, 932, 626 Carbs for your Triumph, BSA, Norton, Matchless.
The kit comes with elongated adjstment screws with knobs in wild wizard colors of your choice, for easy tuning instead of infomercial fumbling around with flathead screwdriver To handle your carb.

*kit comes Comes ONE with a idle and ONE  air/fuel adjuster*

**color examples and corosponding numbers in photos, select desired color in drop down menu**

*will not fit monobloc carbs*

*the colors will vary from knob to knob every swirl pattern is different*

*you must re install the Stock tension spring on the new idle assembly or it will not hold idle and may remove its self* 

This is a hand made part and Made to order, unless other wise specified, please allow 4-6 weeks to ship.